Why did john thurman invent the vacuum cleaner?

Answer Of course not until yo plug it in and connected it to a drain line

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When did john thurman invent the vacuum cleaner?

10 bc He did not invent the first vacuum cleaner but he patented his invention in 1901.

What was the age of John Thurman when he invented the vacuum cleaner?

Answer If you are talking about a certain kind or brand, look at the label inside the door. The label will tell you how many amps this unit will need. However all residential refrigerators will run... Read More »

Why john thurman invented the vacuum cleaner?

How much was the motor driven vacuum cleaner by john thurman?

Answer 1 Absolutely not. Answer 2 --Another Opinion I think it is possible, but it depends on how many Amps [or Watts] the refrigerator draws [uses], AND the sustained output [Amps or Watts] that t... Read More »