What Is a Jack & Jill Bathroom?

Answer A Jack and Jill bathroom is a full bathroom that is between two bedrooms and accessible from each through two separate doors. These bathrooms are featured in homes catering to families as two sibli... Read More »

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What Is a Jack & Jill Shower?

Coed wedding or baby showers are sometimes called "Jack and Jill showers." The showers are a modern twist on the traditional showers that were just for women. For these showers, men, particularly t... Read More »

How to Plan a Pre-Wedding Jack & Jill Party?

More couples are opting to have a joint bridal shower, aptly named a "Jack and Jill" party. Such a party allows the couple to invite all their friends and family, rather than leaving individuals ou... Read More »

Decorating Ideas for a Jack & Jill Bath?

Jack and Jill bathroom styles are shared by two bedrooms and are often sandwiched directly between the two rooms. In many family homes, a Jack and Jill bathroom serves as the kids' primary bathroom... Read More »

Arts & Crafts Activities for a Jack & Jill Theme for Preschool?

Teaching preschoolers nursery rhymes helps them gain mastery of language and helps them as they learn to read later. Teach a preschool theme based on the classic rhyme Jack and Jill -- a boy and gi... Read More »