Do they folks who answer my questions feel that they are answer a question?

Answer Rose,I don't see how you got the violations. I know I don't answer them much anymore, but this time I have to. I would fight it. Right down to the wire. You didn't deserve any of them. I have ... Read More »

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Anyone that lives in Switzerland can you answer this question?

It rather depends on your personality than on anything else if you find someone who wants to date you same as in every other country on this planet.

Question regarding babies that I want you ALL to read and answer!?

i think it'll stay around 5-6 months...just to start them off though. i didnt know all the different dates though- 6 weeks!!!! thats sounds insane! lol. xx

Please answer,how long will this take?

I'll give the ten points to the first person that answer my question, I need help!?

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