Why did i react badly to my decaf coffee?

Answer Some sodas like cola have a lot of caffeine and tea has a smaller amount if caffeine. It is possible the coffee says it is decaf but it is in fact regular coffee. Try drinking some water to keep yo... Read More »

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Why do some people react badly to LASIK eye surgery?

We react badly to LASIK surgery because of the procedure and the experience of the doctor doing the surgery like any other surgery you have to be weary of and make sure to trust and do as many rese... Read More »

What's the point of decaf coffee?

For the reason you stated: for people that like the taste of coffee, but don't want the caffeine of regular coffee. I know that this is a Godsend for pregnant mothers. Decaf still has trace amounts... Read More »

Why does Decaf coffee cost so much more?

it costs more cause they have to make a whole different batch just for decaf.

Is there no caffeine in decaf coffee?

Decaf coffee contains small amounts of caffeine. A University of Florida study published in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology found that nine out of 10 tested decaf coffees contained from 8.6 to... Read More »