Why did i just get this weird smell after i exercised?

Answer Your sweat smells a lot like your insides.

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Why do i smell weird after having sex?

There are a combination of factors.a) A mixture of your sweat and your partner's sweat from all the exertion etc having sex.b) Both of you are releasing extra "pheromones" during sex.c) You are ... Read More »

Weird smell in 2 houses!?

Exactly the same smell? Two different houses. And the only change has been the "moving in of yourself"?I deduce, dear Watson... that the Odoure is coming from either your furniture /or bedding /... Read More »

Should towels smell weird..?

That is perfectly normal. Your towel is musty because it sat wet on the floor for eight hours. AND IT WAS SOAKED.Unless your M.O. is to use a towel once and then put it in the hamper to then be was... Read More »

Is it weird to like the smell of sweat?

Its not weird I like the smell of my sweat but I don't like ANYBODY elses SWEAT smell.If it is someone elses sweat smell it is so sick