Why did i just get this weird smell after i exercised?

Answer Your sweat smells a lot like your insides.

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Why do i smell weird after having sex?

There are a combination of factors.a) A mixture of your sweat and your partner's sweat from all the exertion etc having sex.b) Both of you are releasing extra "pheromones" during sex.c) You are ... Read More »

One of the fluorescant lightbulbs just popped in my room, and now it's making a weird smell. What should I do?

Youll need to get an electrician to replace the ballast or the capacitor (or both) inside the light fitting.That noise is the sound of a short in either of the above mentioned devices. Switch the l... Read More »

HELP **I just got this weird phone call?

It's probably just a company trying to sell house alarms or something. I get calls saying that I've been randomly selected for house alarm type of stuff all the time.

Do cigarette smokers taste and smell feces all of the time Or just after a smoke break?

It sounds like it's time for an experiment, Babby Love!Let's smoke a cig and makeout.Oh second thought....let's just makeout.