Why did i get this message on facebook?

Answer because you have more than one account - this is against the rules, and facebook can detect you doing this now, and will delete all of your accounts if you continue to have multiple accountsseems p... Read More »

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Is this facebook message for real?

no, it's definitely not for real, I got one of those ages ago from hotmail, I didn't forward it and absolutely nothing happen.Plus it would make no sense from facebook: it may not spread to everyon... Read More »

Weird message on Facebook, what does this mean?

he probably just broke up with his girlfriend, and is going thru the girls he talked to in the past and sending them all an innocent message like that to see if they will reply, because he needs/wa... Read More »

What is this "legal notice of settlement of class action" facebook message i got about?

you didnt do anything wrong - facebook did - the email is just asking if you want to be considered in the class action lawsuit against them - the most you could get is $10 tho and you would have to... Read More »

Was I being a jerk for posting this message to my old high school buddies from the past on Facebook?

Nope, to me it sounds like you want to get back in contact with them.