Why did he want to help these children?

Answer Cutting is seen by most everyone as a serious mental and physical health problem. So, take a breath, and get the help you need. Honesty that it is happening is the first step. It may not be easy to... Read More »

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An Award System for Children in School to Help Them Want to Behave?

Encouraging good behavior in children in the classroom is sometimes difficult. Offering an incentive for good behavior will teach children proper classroom etiquette as well as encourage them to ke... Read More »

Do you want children if youve got children how many and do you want more?

i have 2 boys aged 7 and 3, i so much want a girl, but so scared to as ive gotten used to life being easier!!

I want free down loadable bible stories for my 3-yr old children with video.Please help.?

i hope these sites are helpful:•••…

Can a woman who lives in Florida move out of state with her children without her husband's consent if they are still married when he does not want to be away from his children?

Answer Yes, you can legally just move... as long as no court order has been established with regard to custody / residence of the children, you are their parent and can move wherever you wish with ... Read More »