Why did georges claude invent the neon light?

Answer Georges Claude was both a scientist and a practical man. His invention of the neon tube grew out of his desire to put his scientific research to everyday use, according to the National Inventors Ha... Read More »

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How did Thomas Edison invent the light bulb?

The Thomas Edison Innovation Foundation is quick to point out that Edison did not invent the idea of electric light; rather, his contribution was perfecting and making practical the incandescent li... Read More »

Why did thomas edison invent the light bulb?

The renowned U.S. inventor, Thomas Alva Edison, did not invent the light bulb. The English scientist Sir Joseph Wilson Swan is usually credited with creating the first practical bulb, though severa... Read More »

Who was the person to invent the polarized light microscope?

The invention of the polarized light microscope is credited to Max Berek. He was a German mathematician and physicist who, while working for the E. Leitz firm, invented many optical instruments.Sou... Read More »

What is a neon light?

Since the early 1900s, neon lights have been prominent in outdoor advertising. The technology enables a multitude of colors and shapes that mesh well with the goals of advertising. Though still cal... Read More »