Why did factory owners use child labor instead of adults?

Answer During the Industrial Revolution (and even prior to it), factory owners used child labour because, quite simply, it was cheaper. Children worked for less than adults, and their parents were often h... Read More »

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Who are the owners of the NATSA cigar factory?

Don Juan Bermejo, Senior, the founder of the NATSA Cigar company, died in June 2000. After his death, his son, Juan "Triki" Bermejo, Junior, took over the running of the factory and installed high-... Read More »

Can you use vegetable oil instead of castor oil to induce labor?

Dose of TT injection for adults and child?

TT injection once u get how long it works?best wishesthanks

How many adults go to jail for child abuse?

not many at all. dcf is compleatly rediculas if u ask me. as a previos abusedd child they do nothing they come to the home and make matters worse. they do nothing but put more of a strain on the fa... Read More »