Why did de.wikipedia adopt Flagged Revisions but not en.wikipedia?

Answer This is a very good question, Bill.I have determined that the difference is that the English Wikipedia is "blessed" with a more active role for Jimbo Wales. Since he doesn't really know German, Ji... Read More »

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Does MGS4 80GB have motherboard revisions?

The MGS4 80 GB is a limited edition Sony Playstation 3 video game console that included the video game, Metal Gear Solid 4. There were revisions made to the motherboard and other hardware found in ... Read More »

Are e-filed tax returns flagged?

E-filed tax returns are not flagged. While the IRS will not explain exactly what does trigger an audit, they will say that it "has nothing to do with the way that you filed it," states IRS spokeswo... Read More »

Accidently flagged a video on youtube for copyright?

Don't worry about it, Youtube just asks its users to flag material that goes against copyright or guidelines. Since you flagged it for copyright, Youtube will look to see if it actually was a copy... Read More »

What does flagged mean on an email?

Think of a flag on an email message as a reminder to follow up on the email. You can sort your emails so that all flagged messages appear at the top of the list, giving you a quick and easy "to-do ... Read More »