Why did colonial men wear wigs?

Answer Wigs were the height of fashion in the mid-1700s and the early to mid-1800s. This fashion began in France and soon found its way to England and on to the colonies. The most recognized wig of this p... Read More »

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How to Make Colonial Wigs?

If you're making a costume, putting on a play or trying to get your kids history project perfect, you might need to know how to make a colonial wig. Wigs worn by men and women in colonial times wer... Read More »

How Were Colonial Wigs Made?

In the 18th century, wigs were a vital part of upper-class men's fashion and were seen as a mark of social standing. According to tradition, the fashion of men wearing wigs originated with Louis XI... Read More »

Why Do Women Wear Wigs?

Wigs are a fanciful fashion statement for some, and an important psychological support for others. Wigs may feature wild effects or closely mimic the appearance of natural hair. D... Read More »

Why did men wear wigs in the old days?

At various periods in history both men and women have worn wigs, not only to hide baldness but also as a fashion statement. Men have also worn wigs to indicate certain professions.Ancient HistoryMe... Read More »