Why did children work in factories during the Industrial Revolution?

Answer Answer When families all lived on the farm, everyone helped with the farm work. When people moved to the city, every person in the family did what they could to add to the family income. Children ... Read More »

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List of Jobs Done by Children in the Industrial Revolution?

One look at the dirty and dangerous list of jobs done by children in the Industrial Revolution sends a shiver through most people's modern sensibilities. Driven by extreme poverty, many parents fel... Read More »

Why did children have to work in factories?

Children worked in factories for many reasons they were mostly little girls. When they moved into the city they would have to work to get more money so they could survive. Girls worked for about tw... Read More »

Industrial Revolution Games for Kids?

The Industrial Revolution was the era when machines and factories became a major part of the economy. This had far-reaching effects on society, transforming the way people worked and the way they l... Read More »

Negative Parts of the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution was a turning point in human history. In 18th century Europe and America, rapid changes occurred that altered the economy, population, environment and standard of living. ... Read More »