Why did children have to work in factories?

Answer Children worked in factories for many reasons they were mostly little girls. When they moved into the city they would have to work to get more money so they could survive. Girls worked for about tw... Read More »

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Why did children work in factories during the Industrial Revolution?

Answer When families all lived on the farm, everyone helped with the farm work. When people moved to the city, every person in the family did what they could to add to the family income. Children ... Read More »

Why have all the factories closed in the rust belt cities?

NAFTA, China, Southeast Asia, India, etc., etc. Are you starting to get the idea. It just costs too much to make something here. The company's can make bigger profits now.

How to Work and Have Children?

Many parents opt to have children while still working. Whether you decide to work full-time or part-time, off-site or on-site, you need to find a way to balance your career with your role as parent... Read More »

Is child labor where children have to work?

yes it is.but most children dont get paid alot.some dont even get paid and have to do dangerous jobs...and most die doing them... :'(