Why did children have to work in factories?

Answer Children worked in factories for many reasons they were mostly little girls. When they moved into the city they would have to work to get more money so they could survive. Girls worked for about tw... Read More »

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Why did children work in factories during the Industrial Revolution?

Answer When families all lived on the farm, everyone helped with the farm work. When people moved to the city, every person in the family did what they could to add to the family income. Children ... Read More »

What jobs did women do in the factories and what did they do about their children while they worked and how much did they get paid?

I work in a day nursery with young children how can the setting support vulnerable children and families?

Well, bullying can be as simple as lightly teasing someone to make other people laugh. Have you done that before?

The Factories & Machinery Act?

The Factories and Machinery Act 1967 is a piece of Malaysian legislation that governs the safety, health and welfare of factory workers and machinery operators, as well as the inspection and regist... Read More »