Why did Toshiba loose in the battle of HDTV ?

Answer Blu-ray was the better, higher-capacity format, and consumers were willing to pay extra for that. It's that simple.This is roughly the opposite of what happened with Betamax and VHS; VHS was the i... Read More »

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Is there a 3D-HDTV war going on similar to the battle between HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray?

The batteried power glasses ones hurt your eyes after long term use. I suggest looking for a T.V that can also play normal Demensions, so that you dont have to constantly keep looking for the glass... Read More »

Samsung or Toshiba LED HDTV?

The Samsung LED models have a reputation for superior image quality on the high end. Toshiba is outsourcing it's components and panel and is not considered a good choice-even the cinema series you ... Read More »

32" Toshiba Regza LCD HDTV?

Your number one problem is that you are not yet watching HD content. SD content is broadcasted with 480 lines of vertical resolution but your TV has over 720 vertical lines. Your TV must up-conver... Read More »

How does ash beat the battle frontier but loose the pokemon league and to the elite four?

Actually she is wrong, Ash won the pokemon league in the Orange Islands. The reason why Ash beat the Battle Frontier but lost against other trainers in the Pokemon League and the Elite Four is beca... Read More »