Why did Tim Berners-Lee create the World Wide Web?

Answer Tim Berners-Lee, a software consultant and engineer at CERN, created the first web page on the World Wide Web in 1991. His reasons were very practical.Need for CommunicationCERN, a nuclear research... Read More »

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What is the launguage that is used to create documents for the world wide web?

There are dozens of languages used to create documents on the Web, according to the Web Developers Virtual Library. One of the first and most basic is Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).References:We... Read More »

What was the name of the TV series some time between 1980-1990 that features a world wide campaign for president of the world in which one of the campaingers was the devil?

Never heard about this TRU is not cancelled! The top answer is referring to (T)omb (R)aider (U)nderground. The question refers to a TV show starring Eliza Dushku, as a woman that often will reliv... Read More »

How big is the world wide web?

What is BBC world wide?

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