How do I make paint stick to a toilet seat?

Answer PreparationRemove the toilet seat, and place it on a fabric drop cloth. Scrub the seat clean using dishwashing detergent and a coarse sponge or plastic brush. Rinse the seat using a water hose or w... Read More »

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If I stick a swab of toilet paper slathered in Preperation H cream into my husbands rectum to stop him from?

Using a large suppository device will loosen him up. After a while, he won't feel a thing... and stop complaining. Tampon.. manpon.... too small!

How to Unclog a Marine Head Toilet?

A marine head toilet is a specially designed waste management system for use on boats and yachts. The toilet uses the minimum amount of water needed by drawing up surrounding seawater through a sys... Read More »

How to Make a Pocket in a Lacrosse Stick Head?

This will show you how to make the basic pocket in a lacrosse stick head.

If you stick Penfold in a bucket of dirt do you think leafs will grow on his head?

If you make Penfold into an Ent, he would muster an army out of the forest and destroy Isengard....again.....Elysabeth