Why did Nikon shooters stick with Nikon in the 80s...?

Answer I bought my first SLR in 1980--a Canon AV1. I later sold it and bought a Canon A1. After it got stolen, I wanted to try something simpler, so I bought a Nikon FM2. It was all manual and beautifu... Read More »

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Choose between these DSLR cameras - Nikon D3100, Nikon D3200, Nikon 5100 or Canon Rebel T3?

By the way, these are all entry level cameras.The D3200 is by far the best of them.

Which camera would you choose to replace a Nikon D40 ..A Nikon D90 or a Nikon D5100?

They're both great cameras. I was trying to decide between D5100 & D7000 to replace my D100, so I went to a store and held both. The D5100 just feels too small in my hands. Some people love that... Read More »

How do you control the aperture setting on a Nikon D50 camera with a Nikon DX ED 18-55mm lens?

Will Nikon d50 lenses work with Nikon d5000 cameras?