What were the US Secret Service code names for candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin and spouses?

Answer John McCain: Phoenix Cindy McCain: Parasol Sarah Palin: Denali Todd Palin: Driller

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When did McCain announce Palin?

John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate for the election of 2008, announced Sarah Palin, as his choice for vice president on Aug. 29, 2008. At the time, Palin was serving as the governor... Read More »

Maybe McCain and Palin don't realize that we have the google?

My guess that like gwbush, they really do not understand technology or economics.McCain has voted against G.I.s so many times that even vietnam vets against McCain have a websiteI guess they never ... Read More »

How to Look Like Sarah Palin?

The 2008 Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States of America has gotten a lot of media attention, not only for her stance on political issues, but also because of her distinct a... Read More »

How to Make a Sarah Palin Hairdo?

Sarah Palin arrived on the presidential campaign scene with style, distinguishing herself with her hairdo. Although her updos are often popular with the younger set, many older people mistakenly th... Read More »