Why did Leif Ericson decide to go to the new land?

Answer The son of the Viking Eric the Red, who colonized Greenland, Leif Ericson is credited with traveling even further from Europe around A.D. 1,000, exploring a part of North America the Vikings called... Read More »

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How did Leif Ericson die?

Leif Ericson is believed to have died in the year 1021 on Greenland at the age of 50. However, details of his death are sketchy indicating he might have died of old age or disease in a small Greenl... Read More »

Who was Leif Ericson?

Leif Ericson was a Viking explorer who some believe discovered North America almost 500 years before Christopher Columbus. Ericson is believed to have started a settlement in what is now Newfoundla... Read More »

Where did Leif Ericson explore?

According to the EMuseum at Minnesota State University Mankato and author Linn Rine at the Great Norwegians website, Leif Ericson sailed to North America in the year 1,000 A.D. He explored Baffin I... Read More »

Why did Leif Ericson go to Greenland?

According to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it generally is accepted that Leif Ericson, son of Eric the Red, became the first European explorer to set foot in North America in 1000 or 1... Read More »