Why did Jeff Dunham get a divorce?

Answer Jeff Dunham was away 3/4th of every year on tour. It took a toll on his marriage. Additionally, Jeff started cheating on his wife with current girlfriend Audrey Murdick in 2008. The couple are stil... Read More »

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When did Jeff Dunham get a divorce?

Jeff Dunham's divorce was finalized May of 2010. Both he and his ex-wife are now in new relationships.

When did Jeff Dunham divorce?

His divorce was finalized in May 2010. They are both in new relationships.

Is Jeff Dunham gay?

We don't really know. On his first episode of his show, he was sent with Walter to a gay threapist they know was gay. Later, Walter made a comment that " they were in the bathroom with a crew of me... Read More »

Who was Jeff Dunham married to?

Jeff Dunham was married to former wife Paige Brown from May of 1994 until May of 2010. The couple separated in November 2008 and officially terminated their marriage in 2010.