Why did I have cumm like stuff come out of me when I peed the other day?

Answer its discharge. women get discharge on a daily to weekly basis, its the bodys way of cleaning itself. the vagina is self-cleaning so its good that you had discharge coming out.

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What do I do when I have a cumm infection in my eye?

How come you can only connect with other iPhones when on bluetooth and not any other make of phone when on your iPhone?

this is simply because iphone uses itunes where as if a song was sent by bluetooth it may have been illegally downloaded. this way apple makes money from using itunes.

What are the craziest places us girls have peed when we really couldn't hold it?

Yeah well this is way worse. I left my friend's house in San Pedro which is about an hour away from my house. I didn't realize I had to pee until I was almost to the freeway, I thought maybe I co... Read More »

When you have your "cherry popped" are you supposed to bleed and have like bloody sack things come out too..?

Nothing is wrong. It might be your period because when your on your period the lining of your uterus comes out it clumps. It's perfectly normal. And bleeding after "popping your cherry" is normal b... Read More »