Why did Hitler want to take over Czechoslovakia?

Answer Adolf Hitler claimed that his occupation of western Czechoslovakia was necessary to protect ethnic Germans living there. But as his subsequent invasion of the entire country demonstrated, Hitler wa... Read More »

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Where is Czechoslovakia on a map?

Czechoslovakia is located in central Europe. The country sits north of Austria, northwest of Slovakia, southwest of Poland and southeast of Germany. Officially known as the Czech Republic, the coun... Read More »

Where is Czechoslovakia?

Czechoslovakia was a central-European country bordered by Germany and Poland to the north, and Austria and Hungary to the south. In 1993, Czechoslovakia split into two nations: the Czech Republic a... Read More »

What continent is Czechoslovakia on?

Czechoslovakia was located in Europe, but it is no longer an independent country. Shortly after Vaclav Havel was elected president of Czechoslovakia, the country split into the Czech Republic and ... Read More »