Why did German immigrants come to the U.S.?

Answer The 19th century was a great period of emigration for Germany. What we now call Germany was originally a loose federation of states with a common-based language.BeginningsAccording to the American ... Read More »

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German Immigrants in the 1800s?

More Americans claim to be descendants of German immigrants than those of any other ethnic group. While there were a few small communities of Germans at the founding of the United States, the large... Read More »

How were German immigrants treated?

In the early part of the 20th century, Germans made up the largest percentage of immigrants in the United States. How these immigrants were treated depended largely upon the predominant political i... Read More »

When did German immigrants come to Texas?

The first German immigrants in Texas came in the 1830s and settled at Industry, in Austin County, which was established by Friedrich Ernst and Charles Fordtran. An influx of immigrants came later, ... Read More »

Where did German immigrants settle in Ohio?

German immigrants played a major role in the settling of the state of Ohio. After initially settling in Pennsylvania, they crossed into what later became known as Ohio and settled in various commun... Read More »