Why did Benjamin Franklin invent swim fins?

Answer Benjamin Franklin, noted American statesman and inventor, had a lifetime love of swimming that led to his invention of swim fins. His purpose was to move faster in the water.TimelineIn 1717, at the... Read More »

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What year did ben franklin invent swim fins?

In 1717, at the age of 11, Benjamin Franklin invented the first pair of swim fins. The fins resembled lily pads. Franklin wore them on his hands in an effort to become a faster swimmer.Source:PBS: ... Read More »

What about Benjamin Franklin is he the first to invent ovens?

A refrigerator compressor is the center of the refrigeration cycle. It works as a pump to control the circulation of the refrigerant, and it adds pressure to the refrigerant, heating it up. The com... Read More »

When did Benjamin Franklin invent bifocals?

Famed inventor, statesman and founding father Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals in 1784. Franklin, who at the age of 79 wore spectacles, conceived of the idea when he grew tired of having to swap... Read More »

How many inventions did Benjamin Franklin invent?

Benjamin Franklin didn't patent his inventions, so we can't definitively list them. Nonetheless, he designed at least nine inventions--an arm extension, bifocals, the catheter, the Franklin stove, ... Read More »