Why did Baby boys originally wear the color blue?

Answer As Stephen Fry said on QI, - The people who were traditionally dressed in pink and called girls were boys. Pink was considered the traditional colour for boys and blue for girls in the 19th century... Read More »

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What Color to Wear With Blue Eyes & Brown Hair?

Each individual has a unique coloring and a corresponding color palette to work with. Depending on the color of your hair and eyes, certain shades can make you look wonderful or sickly. Skin tone a... Read More »

What color wrap to wear with electric blue dress?

well my opinion a bright yellow would look nice.

What color shirt to wear with light blue almost white jeans?

I know the fashion right now is skinny jeans but I think with a pink or green top it would be really cute

Generally, Why do the doctors in operation room wear blue scrubs Why not any color?

because blood washes out of blue better than any other color, because blood is actually purple, which is a kind of blue.