Is facebook going to close down?

Answer it's no rumour. I mean the creator of FaceBook said that he wants his normal life back and can't take the pressure of having to control Facebook. He actually said that, but the fact is that FaceBoo... Read More »

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Why did Rock Island RR close down?

There is little info on the parts that went through NE KS. The Rock Island Technical Society put out an article on the Rock in Leavenworth and Atchison in the 90's, but that's all I have seen. I ... Read More »

Why did drive-in theaters close down?

There are a few in our area in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, but not nearly as many as 20-30 years ago. We still go every now and again, and the line up to get in is always very long, and it is us... Read More »

How to Close Down a House for Winter?

Closing down a house for the winter is an important step for those who move on to a second house for the season. Without this step, you can return to a house in the spring that is damaged and could... Read More »

What do you do if your computer won`t close down?

Turning a Windows system "OFF" (from 'Start> Turn Off Computer...' button) is not the best way to put your system away for the night (or extended periods) and ►► forcing a shutdown with the p... Read More »