Why cultural food variations are supported in the nursery?

Answer this is due to legislation such as equal opportunities, human rights act to name a few. Also they are providing a business, and like all businesses you have to give the client what they want!

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Name some unique cultural food that you enjoy!?

Love the post... *drool* lolOk well First of All I love something called Chicken Biryani (Pakistani/Indian) dish. Its rice with chicken and a blend of spices... Oh, the chicken can be replaced by p... Read More »

What is the difference between a nursery nurse and a nursery assistant?

A Nursery Nurse has a formal qualification - NNEB - which requires at least two years college training and she can run her own nursery, be left in charge of pre-school age children and can supervis... Read More »

How to Do Variations of the Powerslam?

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What variations do cactus have?

they are tallthe have spikes to stop predators from biting cactus and drinking its waterthe have in the so they are drought resistance