Why couldnt i move my hand when i woke up?

Answer you were prolly laying on it when you were sleeping

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I was sleeping and I tried to wake up but I couldnt move!?

Ive had sleep paralysis for many years. For me it comes on more when Im extremely tired or stressed, but it's probably different for everyone. I was horrified when it first started in my teens, I c... Read More »

Woke up and couldn't move my shoulder?

if you have ligaments that are stretched to let your shoulder slip out of place what would cause it to be pulled back into place, a divine miracle? That doesn't make sense, if they are stretched t... Read More »

Help! My girlfriend went numb for 3 hours after she woke up and couldn`t move! Please tell me what it could be?

it could be a number of things but you need to take her to the emergency room of your local hospital now even if she feels ok now something went very wrong therethis can be anything from migraine s... Read More »

Today i woke up and streched and my neck poped and know it hurts so bad that i cant move it?