Why could there never be a female hemophillia?

Answer Hemophilia is an X-linked recessive disease which means the disease can manifest only if the genes on both chromosomes are affected. As males have only one X chromosome the disease always manifests... Read More »

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Could a Girl have hemophillia?

Yes. Hemophilia is sex-linked, and is much more common in males than in females, but it is not impossible for a girl to have hemophilia.

I need a DSLR camera so bad, but I could never affored it. Is there any contest I can enter online to win one?

What exactly are you willing to go for?Did you know you can get a perfectly fine older model on Ebay or Craigslist for pretty cheap.You can get a Nikon D70 for around $300, or a D40 for $250

Is it possible that a pair of male female dizygotic twins could look identical meaning there faces look alike excluding there gender?

Since dizygotic twins are the same as any other full siblings it all depends on which genes they inherited from each parent. If copies of the same genes were floating around were distributed to bot... Read More »

Why did Hitler and his staff think there navy could never be as big as the British navy when Germany had so much industry?

British Industry was far bigger at the time and our empire meant Britain had a huge navy to defend it. no navy was more powerful than the royal navy at this period of time.