Why could my sinuses always be inflamed?

Answer I always feel that something inflamed has to be infected. But for the sinuses having tight neck muscles can affect them. The tight neck muscles can press into the passageway to your nose to cause... Read More »

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Could an allergic reaction to surgical adhesive used in a plastic surgury procedure cause your sinuses to produce excessive amounts of mucous?

Answer When your body comes into contact with any substance that you may be allergic to (such as pollen, dust or even surgical adhesive), it reacts to it by trying to get rid of the foreign particl... Read More »

What bad thing could happen if I always sleep late?

You might get bad headaches.If you go to work, you might get fired for being late.If you go to school, you might get detention.You might feel tired and lazy for the rest of the day.

I'm always cold is it something you could suggest I take to build blood.?

Both of my husbands big toes are always numb. What could be the cause of this?

Typically, comes from spinal nerve pressure. The reason you can tell it's spinal is because the numbness is symmetrical & bilateral. Cheapest treatment would be to go to a free clinic nearest you &... Read More »