Why coefficient of performance of a refrigerator is greater than 1?

Answer The coefficient of performance (see Wikipedia article on "coefficient of performance") is a measure of merit for a refrigerator. To understand what it is telling us, we need to understand what a re... Read More »

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Is there any greater feeling than lifting more than someone else?

nope that's one of the best feelings in the world man...apart from laying them out in a full pad scrimmage...

How to Change From Greater Than to Less Than With an Equation?

Algebra is a branch of mathematics that studies the rules of operations and numerical relationships. An equation is simply a mathematical statement that includes an equal or inequality sign. For in... Read More »

Is the mass of a cup of water greater than or less than a cup of sand?

The mass of a cup of sand is more than the mass of a cup of water. The density of water is 1 g per cubic centimeter in comparison to the density of sand, which is approximately 2.65 g per cubic cen... Read More »

Method for Factoring Trinomials With a Coefficient Other Than One?

A coefficient is a number attached to a variable's left side. Trinomials in which the coefficient of the squared term is a number other than one are more difficult to factor than trinomials in whic... Read More »