Why coefficient of performance of a refrigerator is greater than 1?

Answer The coefficient of performance (see Wikipedia article on "coefficient of performance") is a measure of merit for a refrigerator. To understand what it is telling us, we need to understand what a re... Read More »

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How to Clean the Water Dispenser on a GE Profile Performance Refrigerator?

GE Profile Performance refrigerators have a filtered water and ice dispenser system that is accessible in the door of the unit. The dispenser and the area around the dispenser can become accumulate... Read More »

What does a coefficient of .96 mean?

A coefficient describes the degree to which a quantity is expressed. For instance, in the formula bx = y, x represents a variable. A multiplying factor, the coefficient b, relates it to y. If x has... Read More »

What is a coefficient number?

A coefficient number is a number in front of a variable. Using the following equation as an example, x2-10x+25, the coefficient of the x2 is 1 and the coefficient of the x is -10. The third term, 2... Read More »

The Effects of Performance Appraisal on Organizational Performance?

Optimum organizational performance is dependent upon the performance of the individuals that make up the organization. When clear and reasonable performance appraisal metrics, standards and practi... Read More »