Why children like people who are harsh to them?

Answer Maybe they respect the more stricter teachers because they are scared that if they do something wrong, they'll know they'll get in big trouble. I am 14, and in my school. We all walk over the kind ... Read More »

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Why Do White People Smell like Balony im always.Tempted to bite them and smear them with mayo?

So as to be easily differentiated from those who smell like wet dogs after they shower. Also as we evolved to hunt (to the point of extinction) all of our natural predators our brave warriors would... Read More »

Are there any movies you like that people think are bad, but you like them anyway?

a lot of independent moviesthis weekend i watched the texas killing feilds beginnersboth good

People who have Blackberrys - do you like them?

I had a blackberry storm a couple years back basically the phone would take forever to load and then 3-4 months before my next phone upgrade the phone had received a update that bricked it and Veri... Read More »

Why dont people like some people who are not mean and they are mean to them?

This has bullies written ALL OVER IT! GEES CANT PEOPLE JUST GET ALONG? No not all, sorry. Its just jealousy and insecurities within themselves. One day they will learn and follow the good, if you a... Read More »