Why children called the fruit of love?

Answer because they are the result of the love of their parents..

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1970 village children one of the children called cum-cum kum-kum and the witch had crossed eyes?

What Fruit Is a Love Apple?

A "love apple" is a tomato. The term "love apple" is most likely derived from the French term "pomme d'amour," which means "apple of love." At various times throughout history the tomato has been c... Read More »

Why is a tomato called a fruit?

Fruit? Vegetable? The debate over what to call a tomato has simmered for hundreds of years and has never quite been resolved to everyone's satisfaction. In the end, the answer depends on who you as... Read More »

What type of fruit is a love apple?

A love apple is a tomato. The French referred to them as pommes d'amour, which means apples of love. This is most likely the origin of the name love apple. Tomatoes are native to South America and ... Read More »