Why change the filters in an air conditioner?

Answer Changing your air conditioner filters is a relatively inexpensive maintenance procedure that helps keep your unit running efficiently and effectively, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Th... Read More »

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Why do we need air conditioner filters?

The indoor air quality in your home can be much worse than the air quality outdoors. An air conditioner filter is a basic part of a strategy to improve the quality of the air you breath in your hom... Read More »

Why is it important to use home air conditioner filters?

It is very important to use air conditioner filters at home, especially in spring. Indoor pollution, as it has started to be called, is a big allergy causer. Many people make their homes air tight ... Read More »

How to Install Acura RSX Air Conditioner Filters?

The filters used in the air-conditioning system of an Acura RSX are used to help filter out smells and odors that can normally occur within the ducts of the car. These filters get clogged with dirt... Read More »

How to Replace Air Conditioner Filters in Cars?

Most newer vehicles are equipped with air conditioner filters. These filters are often called "cabin air filters," "A/C filters" or "pollen air filters." No matter what the auto manufacturer calls ... Read More »