Why can't you use any spray paint for metal on a refrigerator?

Answer Answer I can't say why, but they do make an Appliance Epoxy spray paint.

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How do you spray paint on metal, so that the paint wont fall of any suggestions ?

most golf clubs are clear coated, so you're gonna want to take some steel wool or sand paper in a high grit like 220 and sand it down. then pick up paint specifically made for metals and give it a ... Read More »

Can I spray paint metal?

You can spray paint metal. It is a quick way of getting an even finish over a large object. Apply a self-etching primer before spray painting to prepare the object that you are going to paint.Refe... Read More »

How to Spray Paint Metal?

Spray paint is inexpensive and convenient to purchase from nearly any discount, home improvement or hardware store, and it is a versatile solution for many projects, including metal surfaces. Spray... Read More »

How to Spray Metal Flake Paint on a Car?

Metal flake paint contains large metal flakes that create a sparkling effect. Painting a car or part of a car with metal flake paint is time consuming, since it takes several coats and a lot of dry... Read More »