Why cant you download dropbox pics to your htc evo?

Answer Plug your Android device to the computer using your usb chord, then choose "disk drive" on your device. After that you just drag and drop the files you want to transfer to your SD card, also choosi... Read More »

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Cant see pics on sd card when on camera?

have you recovered your pics and videos, if not, follow this guide to recover the files first…After you get back pics and videos, you can do a format of th... Read More »

I uploaded my pics from camera to computer and i cant find them..?

Hi Nichole. I'd recommend you get an external usb card reader... they're not expensive.Your computer will see a reader as a hard drive so you simply copy / paste the files to any folder you wish.I... Read More »

My boyfriend was trying to upload all my pics onto his laptop & now i cant see them on my camera.?

If you were using a specific uploading software (such as iPhoto), then many of them delete the files as they transfer them. This is one possible reason.Another possible reason is that because you f... Read More »

How do you send pics in Facebook in chat?

go to inbox bit there a add button click in that and u should be able to add it if not use ebuddy chat