Why cant you see a photograph of Robert hooke?

Answer Robert Hooke died over a century (a period of 100 years) before photography was invented

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Where did Robert Hooke go to school?

Robert Hooke, a British scientist and philosopher who developed a theory on elasticity known as Hooke's Law, attended Westminster School from about 1648 to 1653. From 1653 to 1655, he attended the ... Read More »

What kind of microscope did robert hooke use?

Robert Hooke, a 17th-century British scientist, created and used the compound microscope. He used it to examine insects, feathers, bryozoans and sponges, and recorded his observations in a book cal... Read More »

Robert Hooke Microscope Information?

Robert Hooke has been credited with inventing the compound microscope, a tool that changed the course of science. Robert Hook was born in 1635 and lived until 1703. During his life, he worked as a ... Read More »

When did Robert Hooke invent the microscope?

Robert Hooke, a British scientist, improved upon previously designed compound microscopes around 1665. His version resembled a telescope with a lens at each end. He used the instrument to observe v... Read More »