Why cant you see a bacteria with your naked eye?

Answer you can see bacteria with your eyes once it has multiplied! like mold on single cell is simply too small for the naked eye to see thats why its classed as microscopic. the eyes cannot ph... Read More »

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You live with your aunt and you have to share a room with your girl c and whenever she is in your room she is naked or in underwear she has sex while you try to sleep your aunt dosent belive you what?

Try to ignore it. Her behavior is her mother's and her business, not yours. We understand that this is a difficult situation for you, but continuing to complain will only make it worse. You have do... Read More »

How old is too old for your son to be seeing you naked, bating with you, ect?

my son is 2 1/2 and he still sees me naked and me him. We do bathe together too. He will be allowed to be naked around me and bathe with me until he is uncomfortable doing so. It is not sexual it i... Read More »

Your preteen daugther love to see naked boys how do you find boys for her to see them naked?

That's illegal. Stop doing it right now! Addendum: As a father, you need to know what's appropriate, inappropriate and illegal. A father providing explicit pictures for his preteen daughter is, bes... Read More »

How to React when You Find Your Girlfriend Naked in Bed With Another Guy?

Have you ever wondered what to do when you catch your girlfriend in bed with someone else? Here's how you handle it.