Why can't you search a person by state on facebook?

Answer facebook is trying to prevent you from looking up people in any other way than knowing their name, because they dont want you using it as a dating site....

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Why suddenly on facebook , i can see 'facebook user' and i cant answer to this person anymore ?

If it says you can no longer message them, then yes.

How do I search for a person on Facebook?

Log in to Facebook. Click on "Find Friends" on the top part of the screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Look for the section marked "Search for People."Type the person's name or email add... Read More »

How do you search for Photos that may have been posted of a person in Facebook etc Do u just type the name in?

Do you know how many people have the same name?

How to hide my facebook birthday so people cant see it on the calender at the top right of facebook?

change your birthday too another date then near that date change it again