Why can't you name a folder 'con' ?

Answer There are a number of reserved words that cannot be used to name folders on DOS or Windows systems. Other examples are the names of various data ports like LPT1 and COM1.

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Help! i cant find my minecraft folder?

if you are using a windows 7 os, go to start and in the blank space type in %appdata%then navigate to .minecraft and you'll have everything you need there.

I accidentally deleted a folder from my USB and I cant find it in the recycling bin is there a way to restore?

you can download a data recovery software to scan the usb and recover the files…

There had been a problem with my memory stick, and now I cant open the DCIM folder! please help!?

Send ur memory stick to its manufacturer to check if its really damaged.Well,i think you'll have to sacrifice the pictures that you've taken with that memory card.

How to Make a Folder Name of Con?

Why can't we create folder named 'con' on desktop. Most of users do not know this task. If you want to do this task as normally we create new folders and rename them as we disappeared then try agai... Read More »