Why can't you hear anything on my headphones?

Answer Maybe it's because you have a hole where the wires are.Or you just didn't plug it well.Hope this helped :D

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Can you use headphones with a DVD player, but others can still hear the sound without headphones?

Most DVD players come with a digital output for surround sound, and a stereo output, usually for connecting to your TV.So, you can leave the DVD player connected to your surround sound system with ... Read More »

How do you hear through headphones?

To me, it makes sense that they are. And by earphones, I am assuming you mean the regular, outside-of-the-ear headphones? Here's a link from CBS from a while back that I thought was interesting:htt... Read More »

How to hear my Vizio tv through my headphones?

You need an amplifier. If you had troubled yourself to read the manual, you would know that the audio output on your TV is line level, not headphone level.

How can you hear sound from the headphones?