Why can't you have aspirin in a first aid box?

Answer Legally giving some one any form of medication, from a First Aid Kit/Box, especially in the work place could lead to a long drawn out court case. If some one should react too or die from taking som... Read More »

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Is it bad to take aspirin every day?

Aspirin is usually taken every day for people who have had heart problems. I wouldn't take it for longer than it says.Usually ibuprofen is good for swelling, but you can't take that every day for a... Read More »

Is it safe for me to take 4 aspirin?

Yeah man you'll be fine taking 4 aspirin, and get some urals you mix them with water and it helps pass the thc out of your system.

Who invented aspirin?

Charles Gerhardt first synthesized acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) in 1853 but abandoned it because of the onerous production process. Searching for a treatment for his father's arthritis, Felix Hof... Read More »

Can aspirin cause hypertension?

On One Hand: Aspirin Does Not Cause HypertensionAspirin is not a known cause of hypertension (high blood pressure). In fact, aspirin can have heart-healthy benefits. Some people use aspirin daily t... Read More »