How to Draw a Polar Bear?

Answer Polar bears are considered to be the largest bear today. They are a threatened species and mostly live in the Arctic.Learn to draw one with these easy steps.

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Polar Bear Activities for Children?

Polar bears are fascinating creatures living in only five countries in the world: the United States (Alaska), Canada, Russia, Greenland and Norway. These bears can grow to a size of up to 12 feet l... Read More »

Crafts for Building a Polar Bear?

If you are hosting a party this winter, include polar bear crafts as part of a fun and unique theme. They are also an easy and inexpensive way to brighten a child's afternoon on a snow day. Crafts ... Read More »

How to Make Polar Bear Cupcakes?

Polar bears and walruses refuse to float on the same ice floe, but you can make them share a doughnut hole-for their bodies; then you let them drift their separate ways

How to Be a Polar Bear on Club Penguin?

Are you tired of wolves and babies? Why don't you try being a polar bear?!