Why can't you download onto your you ipod from WMA?

Answer i think the ipod is designed to take Mp4 vido files - try and find a video converted - WinAvi converter is a good one.

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How do you take music from LimeWire and put it directly onto an ipod or mp3 player without having to download some other program or do you have to download something answers please?

All I use is iTunes and Limewire.I just download the music on limewire and drap and drop it into iTunes then sync my ipod.Hope I helped :D

Can you download music onto an iPod Nano using Windows XP without iPod software?

You need to have itunes installed. If you do not have the install disk you can download it from You can also make it a Linux device and would no longer need itunes, but you will not be ab... Read More »

How do I download a DVD to an iPod?

DVD Ripping SoftwareDownload DVD-ripping freeware such as HandBrake or PQDVD. Open it and place a DVD in your computer's disc drive. Follow the software's instructions, which should allow you to tr... Read More »

How do I download from an iPod to a PC?

SharePodTransfer songs, videos, and entire playlists from your iPod using the newest SharePod software. The download is completely free of charge, although they do accept donations (see Resources).... Read More »