Why can't you always get 3g?

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Why cant you always receive programmes with a digital receiver without the picture breaking up?

I removed both batteries for about an hour and... RESET. There is a small backup battery in the battery compartment next to the main battery. If you are like me and you want the next picture to be ... Read More »

You cant remember the name of a cartoon you used to watch it was about a teddy and a rag doll lost and looking for a way home and the teddy always says the line you hate sprouts?

Where is the quote this is typical of you Hilary always defending mugabe from it was on a comedy show and i cant think who said it or what show its on please help?

Love this quote! But it was in fact Jack Whithall on 8 Out Of 10 Cats S07E12. Probs the best episode with David Mitchell, Claudia Winkleman and Ken Livingston. Sorry to correct but I think that it ... Read More »

What you do if your sons mom-in-law always picks on you and your daughter but you cant stand up to her for you not want to upset your daughter-in-law in a fear that she might turn your son against you?

The English language recognizes no relationship between you and your husband's great uncle.