Why can't we all get along and share a bag of those sweet M&Ms?

Answer How about some snickers. i like snickers.

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If siblings share a room will they get along better?

If both a brother and/or sister, share a room. They will most likely see each other more, and start a stronger, kinder relationship with one another. This helps start a healthy family relationship.... Read More »

Why do people get so rude when driving Cant we all just get along?

People don't generally wannna be pricks.Frustrated, angry and edgy inside and the only release for them is being aggressive whilst driving , if you notice peoples aggressive reactions are usually s... Read More »

Am adopted an cant get along with your adoptive family can you get readopted?

Yes, it is possible to get re-adopted. If the child faces problems, abuse, privacy being invaded, rights not being met they can protest and get their social service worker to either fix the problem... Read More »

Why i cant taste sweet?

because your taste buds can't taste these:(