Why can't turn my dish on with the remote uhf pro?

Answer You need to go into the user's setup, find the assignments for the uhf remote and make sure the settings are correct.

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How do you turn on the dish network with the remote?

Using your DISH Network remote (has the words DISH Network at the bottom of the remote) press the large red power button on the remote.

How do you turn off volume on a dish network remote?

There are two ways to get turn off the volume with a DISH remote. The remote would need to be addressed to the TV itself. You can press the 'Mute' button which is generally on the top left hand sid... Read More »

How do you program dish remote to turn up the volume on tv?

How do you get your dish network remote to turn satellite on and off?

When you press the large red button at the top of the remote, this button turns the satellite receiver off/on. If it doesn't work for you, try changing the batteries. If it still doesn't work, you ... Read More »