Why can't they make imported beer with twist off caps nowadays?

Answer Just buy the HeineCANS instead of the bottles, Lol.

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Where can i get custome beer caps?

What are beer bottle caps made of?

There are many different materials beer bottle caps can be made from but they are most commonly made of tin plate grade steel. This makes them more durable for sealing the beer bottle.Source:Massac... Read More »

Are beer-bottle caps recyclable?

Yes, beer-bottle caps can be recycled. Beer-bottle caps are made from steel, as evidenced by their attraction to magnets, and steel is a recyclable material. Many municipalities allow for single-st... Read More »

Are beer bottle caps made of aluminum?

Rather than aluminum, beer bottle caps are most often made out of steel. Steel is used because it is durable and not easy to penetrate. Aluminum is often used for pop tops.Source:Practical Environm... Read More »