Why can't they make imported beer with twist off caps nowadays?

Answer Just buy the HeineCANS instead of the bottles, Lol.

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Why Do They Even Make CD Nowadays?

CD is not only used for Music. It can be used for file storage and other things. Also, it is cheaper than handing out those flash drive for a copy of album music. Not everybody has access to intern... Read More »

Can you do something with Shiner beer caps with writing on the inside?

You can drill holes in Shiner beer caps and use them to make a bracelet or sew them onto a purse so that the writing on the inside will not show. You could also make them into refrigerator magnets ... Read More »

Is opening a twist off beer bottle with your bare hands really "hardcore"?

If people are impressed by that you are way to young to drink. I am a 54 year old woman and I can open a beer with my bare hands...I am so not Hardcore. Get a degree as a corp lawyer, make a mill... Read More »

I cant believe this, is this frequent nowadays (for railcrews only please)?

You kinda picked up right from where my answer with regard to this claptrap ended.I don't watch much TV myself. But I have seen bodies who have frozen to death on a night time jaunt across the des... Read More »