Why cant the master chief have a girlfriend?

Answer i think he probably has a wife or he cant have one + hes lost in space now

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Can you do what master chief does?

Does the Master Chief die in Halo 3?

The Master Chief does not die in Halo 3. While his comrades hold a memorial service--they believe him to have perished while his ship passed through an intergalactic portal--a special cutscene reve... Read More »

How do you become a Master Chief in the Navy?

Master Chiefs (E-9) are subject to the same time-in-rate and service requirements that all other ranks are, but the manning requirements of their rate determine how many are selected. For example, ... Read More »

Where does master chief go in halo 3?

Master chief is left in the half o the ship that broke apart in the end. If you beat it on legendary you get to see a cutscene of him stepping into a cryogenic tube to freeze himself (like the one ... Read More »