Why can't the Verizon Iphone 4 talk and surf the webe at the same time?

Answer AT&T is the only network that lets you talk and surf at the same time.

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Can you convert a Verizon iPhone 4S to Straight Talk?

Yes, it's called the Apple, Sprint, Verizon, & T-Mobile store.

Cant use external hard drive and ipod at the same time..?

You have a USB problem of some kind.What machine? What OS?Is the external hard drive a portable type that draws power from the USB port, or a desktop type which has its own AC power adapter.One gue... Read More »

Why can't my iphone 3g s find airport extreme WiFi network when other non 3gs iphones do at the same time with the same settings?

Hey,I had the same problem earlier today, it took me quite some time to find the right website that gave me the right answer.Go to Airport Utility > Manual Setup > Wireless > change radio mode to "... Read More »

Do you drive and talk on the cell phone at the same time?

I used to but I promised someone special that I wouldn't do it anymore & I DON"T break promises!!!!!!!